Online Cricket Betting: A Quick Guide For Beginners

Cricket has been in existence since the 16th century. People consider this as one of the oldest and most traditional of all sports across the world. Although its popularity is great in England, it is also well-known worldwide. Most people do not know the fact that cricket is only behind football when it comes to global popularity.

Like most sports that are popular, people became interested in betting on cricket. Different betting types came out and various sportsbooks came into life. The wide array of wagering options led to its more popularity.

Cricket formats

It is crucial to understand the international and domestic cricket formats when betting. You need to learn the formats before you study the types of bets.

  • Test matches

These matches usually take up to five days. Each side gets two innings at bat. Most people will agree that it is the most traditional form of the game. Purists also consider it the best format. England’s County Championships uses a four-day version of the test game. The Ashes Series, played between England and Australia, is also played in test format. These two are the most famous cricket games in the world.

  • One-day matches

These are, of course, completed in only one day. Each side receives 50 overs to bat. There are fielding restrictions in one-day matches unlike in test matches. These help in the scoring of runs. Two of the most famous one-day matches are the ICC Champions oTrophy and ICC Cricket World Cup.

  • Twenty20
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Also known as T20, this is a fast and furious action. Each side has only twenty overs to rack up a winning score. Like one-day matches, there are fielding restrictions for a more entertaining spectacle. Its popularity is because of its short duration. Majority of major cricketing nations now have a T20 competition. The most prestigious and lucrative of them is the Indian Premier League.

Types of bets

Now that you know the formats, here are the most common options for betting in cricket.

  • Match/Series result

The most popular and most straightforward bet, you wager on who will win the match or series.

  • Top run scorer

You place this bet on the player who will score the most runs, usually in a given inning or match.

  • Top wicket taker

This refers to the bet on a bowler who will take the most wickets, also in a given inning or match.

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